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Psilocybin Reviews

Psychedelic Retreat Centre

Vikram Jain - 2020 - India

“I had read about psychedelics for about a year. What they had done for lot of people either help them deal with some traumatic experience or open up their world in terms of their understanding of mind and consciousness. I came across it through podcast of Tim Ferris but then as I delved further I read about Stan gross, Michael Pollen and others. I had been dealing with a certain pain in my life which I couldn't overcome for quite some time.

I wanted to go for a psilocybin retreat - not with any expectation to resolve my pain but primarily to experience what it could bring to my understanding of my own mind. Of course if in process it helps me to be at peace with my losses then all the more better. I didn't want to go for Ahayuasca as it is takes down a stronger path which as a first time psychedelic user I didn't want to go down. Earth Awareness seemed to be a perfect choice for my first experience and boy it was an experience. 


Starting with seamless communication and receiving at the station, Mark and Maya made everyone so comfortable. They have built a magical place- see the pictures ! It was a new experience for me to live in a off-grid place and I made sure I'll switch off my phone for the 5 days I was here. Being off grid there are some things which in our worlds of abundance we have forgotten to think about. With resources being limited- I became more mindful of the value of resources like water and electricity. Also, being cut off from the world it brought all the participants together taking time for deep enriching conversations in the free time we had. More mindful of ourselves, surroundings, our minds and ourselves. I learnt a new way of life which appealed to some much. I would urge you not to think of this as just a psilocybin retreat it is way way more than that.


The retreat it spread across 5 days with 2 psilocybin session but the time between is as wonderful and enriching as one can imagine. we have had various sessions such as sound healing, drum sound meditation, qiyo, breathing sessions, flow dance night - these small activities brought so so much change in me. Introduced me to a world beyond my imagination. It showed me tools I can have which don't need any substances and I can carry them with me wherever I want and use them to be more mindful, in sync with myself and delve deeper in mind when I wish. 


Coming to psilocybin ceremonies, it was a profound experience for me. The fact we had 2 ceremonies was great because as a first timer I was bit nervous. The first ceremony allows you to be comfortable with the mushrooms, allows you to understand yourself and decide if you want to go further in second ceremony. The second ceremony is a work of such love and labour from Mark, Maya and the crew. To give you a flavour it is a night of songs, trips, fire, laughs, cries and much more. The way the experienced team guides the whole ceremony from prayers, live music all night on various instruments, pacing your trip and taking you deep or bringing you back - it alone is worth every penny you pay.


My trip was way beyond my expectations. It led me to deep abyss of my pain, made me confront it, accept it and then make me realize things which will allow me to live with it much more peacefully. After that I experienced a bliss I have never experienced before. The music flowed from ears to my mind and just created a sense of deep bliss. I just felt in sync with the world. A deep sense of compassion for everyone and everything- everyone around me in the temple, the trees outside, the stars, the humanity. I also happened to experience something which I can't describe perhaps- I experienced my consciousness outside my body, like I am was the fly on the wall sitting and seeing everyone in the room in different stages of their trip including seeing myself sitting there. Like I was a there but my consciousness was outside. It does sound weird but I have no other words to explain it.


I absolutely had the most profound experience of my life. It was a short experience of simple, grounded, connected life which I absolutely cherished.”


If you are thinking about the retreat but on the fence, I would say just take a leap of faith. If possible take the one with 2 ceremonies as I felt it is way way more helpful. If nothing else, it will be a new experience for you, a great company and get to meet the wonderful team. Though I am sure it will be a remarkable experience for you wherever you are in life. Happy journey ! 

Charlie Battin - 2019 - UK

My interaction with Earth Awareness, with Mark and Maya has completely changed my life. Many years ago the calling to authenticity broke through my life, the shamanic archetype came nocking on my door and its safe to say we are not equipped culturally to deal with these kind of initations.
Eventually i found Mark and Mayas work with the shamanic arts of ceremony and plant medicine, which encompasses the teachings of all indigenous shamanic traditions, whom they have been trained by first hand, and now carry with our own indigenous medicine.
The ceremonies and alive, grand, deep, musical, magickal, safe and effective.
I have found great teaching in their deeply embodied wisdom and it is an honour to witness the sacred flame being carried with devotion and beauty, poured into each day with the building of the Nature temple, holding the essence and welcoming others to participate in this time of great awakening and remembrance on Gaia.

Now i continue to work with the Center, assisting in Ceremonies and learning/embodying deeper my indigenous authenticity.

Thankyou Mark and Maya!

psychedelec retreat centre.JPG
Psilocbyn retreat centre

Sonya Pike - 2019 - Poland

I have been to the earth awareness Nature Temple twice and I am absolutely in love with this magical place! 

From the moment I met the earth awareness Team I received and felt love and care... This is a really grounded and beautiful, organised and rooted plant medicine centre. At the Nature Temple I felt totally at home, everybody is relaxed and listening, and at the same time professional, knowledgeable and awake. Taking mushrooms in the Nature Temple allowed me to access dimensions of being with great clarity and i felt safe to explore.

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