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A unique opportunity for you to experience a legal and safe psilocybin retreat in the Netherlands

A unique opportunity for you to experience a legal and safe psilocybin retreat in the Netherlands.

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Psilocybin Retreat Centre

Magic Truffles

Magic Mushrooms are the general name of mushrooms that contain psilocybin and psilocyn. Psilocybin is a psychoactive substance that acts on serotonin brain receptors resulting in changes of perception, cognition and emotion. It is a highly visionary natural compound with a long tradition of shamanic use and a close similarity to normal brain chemistry. The mushrooms that we use in our ceremonies are the magic truffles. They are non-toxic to the body and completely legal in the Netherlands.

Home grown food - Magic Mushroom Retreat


Magic mushrooms enlighten the brain, free the mind and activate the waking dream state. They expand consciousness, allowing us to realize the wonder of life. They are a key to the circle of oneness and show us how everything is interconnected and interrelated. Magic mushrooms are honest and playful and take you straight into the realms of your imagination. Your perception gets highly influenced, beyond the world of logics. Defence mechanisms can be bypassed, which enables you to think and feel out of your conventional reality. For thousands of years medicine people have worked with visionary plants to open the pathway between realms, because teacher plants are a profound spiritual tool that have the potential to reveal our true nature.

Home grown food - Magic Mushroom Retreat
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Magic mushrooms are in a large dosage extremely visionary and your perception gets highly influenced, beyond the world of logics. All defence mechanisms will be bypassed, which makes you completely capable of thinking and feeling ‘out of the box’. They are known as honest and playful, like children.

The centre has facilitated psychedelic ceremonies for thousands of people since 2006, collaborating with keepers of ancestral knowledge. We are dedicated to providing our participants the opportunity to benefit from the magic mushroom's potentials and we provide the ultimate setting for journey-work with magic mushrooms. Our mission is to enable and empower human transformation, deepening the realisation of our interconnectedness with everything around us.

We have integrated various medicine traditions and blended them with our own European roots. We have used this experience to finetune a balance between indigenous traditions, modern Western culture and scientific knowledge. 

Psychedelic Retreat Centre
psychedelic retreat centre


  • Find your true purpose-    

  • Explore higher consciousness-

  • Improve your relationships-

  • Increase self-care & creativity-  

  • Connect with the natural world-  

  • Empower self-leadership-  

  • Awaken your spiritual potential

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