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Psychedelic Integration Circles - Nature Temple

High Dosage Private Mushroom Ceremony

What is included

Only people with a certain level of psychedelic experience and health can book this type of private ceremony. In most cases a standard private mushroom ceremony provides the dosage to have a deep experience, enough for most people to explore conciousness. Sometimes there are personal reasons to aim for a higher dosage. If the circomstances are right we are able to offer that to you as well. The same as in the standard private mushroom ceremony you'll benefit from the experience of our expert-facilitators Mark or Maya and the luxury of staying the night.

  • Customized fire ceremony of 7/8 hours

  • Dosage maximum 35 grams of fresh truffles

  • Fruits, soup and bread after the ceremony

  • Personal coaching, before, during and after the ceremony by Mark or Maya

  • Overnight stay 

  • Vegetarian/biological breakfast, taking in account your dietary concerns

  • Pick-up service from and to the nearest train station (Twello) 

  • One personal facilitator throughout the whole process

  • Detailed preparation & integration guideluines

  • Check-up & aftercare if required

  • Flexible dates, this ceremony can be booked on any available day


The price of a high dosage private mushroom ceremony for 1 person in 2023 is 1375€, all of the above inclusive. You don't need to bring your own magic truffles. You can travel light, also sleeping gear is included. 


If you think this high dosage private mushroom ceremony is exactly what you need you are welcome to fill in the intake form and get the reservation process started.

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