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Private Coaching Consultations

Through life, with or without the use of psychedelics, an person is likely to encounter realizations and insights and potentially face challenges. As trained guides we can assist in creating new understanding about yourself, your worldview and how to put tasks into practice. The journey of self-discovery and healing through a good consultation can reach new heights in co-creation with our support. Calls with us are conducted over whatsapp, teams, or zoom.

Psychedelic Coaching

Just one hour talk - 90€


Maybe you have met us and you felt there was a click, or you think we might be the right person to discuss a certain topic with. Book a 1 hour coaching session if you just need a moment to talk about something or change your perspective.

Psychedelic integration

Intensive coaching - 270€


If you already know in advance that 1 hour is not enough for you, we also offer a coaching package of 3x 1 hour. Set your goal and we will work towards the acomplishment. Maximum duration of this package is 3 months. 


Psychedelic preparation & Integration - 270€

Ideal for consulting an expert before your (first) psychedelic experience. For extra care during your preparation and integration period.  

2 x 40 minutes before the retreat

2 x 40 minutes after the retreat

This can only be booked in combination with a retreat booking at ours.

Sun deck Nature Temple Retreat Centre

In general we offer after care after our retreats for every participant. The private ceremonies and the 5 day retreats have an 'after care phone call' included. For the 2 and 3 day retreats you can always start a mail conversation with us if you have questions. 


These coaching conversations go a step further than that. But if you are looking for something extra, that extra bit of time and attention for your personal needs, book a private coaching conversation.

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