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NatuurTempel Magic mushroom retreat in het bos

A Private Mushroom Ceremony

A private ceremony in the Nature Temple can be completely customized to your personal needs and aligns you with your natural state of being. It offers long-lasting opportunities for change and inner peace.

Pick the date

Private ceremonies are possible at any available date.

Choose who is joining

Come alone or invite a friend or family member.

Customize it

Are there do's and don'ts? Communicate it with your guide.


Upcoming Events
geodesic dome Nature Temple

Private Mushroom Retreat

Are you ready for more insights and creativity? Need a break from every-day life and some high quality 'me-time'?

Magic mushroom retreat centre
geodesic dome Nature Temple Netherlands

3 Day Mushroom Retreat

With 1 mushroom ceremony and  several workshops to prepare or integrate the mushroom experience, you are able to give yourself the best.

Magic mushroom retreat centre_edited
geodesic dome Nature Temple - Earth Awareness

5 Day Mushroom Retreat

With 2 mushroom ceremonies and plenty of workshops you receive great opportunities for long langsting life changes.

Mushroom retreat centre
geodesic dome by night - Nature Temple.

2 Day Mushroom Retreat

Short retreats for healthy people. Dynamic group ceremonies with live music. A shamanic experience. For receiving your anual updates or getting an introduction.

psilocybin retreat centre


An initiation centre for the people, for reflection on and reconnection with our origin and the mystery of creation. This unique experience space is specifically designed for ceremonial use. It functions as a compass and initiation centre for truth-seekers. The enchantment of the Nature Temple is the ultimate setting to explore altered states of consciousness.

What participants say about our retreats


Sonja, Finland

This is a really grounded and beautiful, organised and rooted plant medicine centre and I felt totally at home. 


Vikram, India

Earth Awareness seemed to be a perfect choice for my first experience and boy it was an experience. 


Charlie, UK

My interaction with Earth Awareness, with Mark and Maya has completely changed my life.

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