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Private Mushroom Ceremonies

Designed to catalize life-changing experiences

Mark & Maya have facilitated ceremony for thousands of people since 2006, collaborating with the indiginous plant-mediine shamans. It is situated in a unique and off grid forest-village and is an exceptional bird paradise. The colossal trees, great biodiversity and monumental buildings make an incredible scenery together. A private ceremony in the Nature Temple can be completely customized to your personal needs and aligns you with your natural state of being. It offers long-lasting opportunities for change and inner peace.

Several types of private ceremonies

We offer several types of experiences, from introduction to advanced ceremonies. Depending on your level of experience and intentions, you can select the type of ceremony that fits you most.

Private ceremonies are very suitable for beginners but also for people who want to travel deep on a very high dose. Besides that private ceremonies offer excellent opportunities for people who should be guided with extra attention and personal coaching. Which type of experience you might choose, all journeys will be supported by a combination of life music and a beautifull selected playlist. If you have personal wishes of themes you want to work on, we will also integrate this into the ceremony. Make this known during your intake procedure to your guide.

This type of ceremony is for people who want to take a deep dive into their inner realms and experience the potentials of the magic mushrooms completely.

This type of ceremony can only be booked by people with plenty of psychedelic experience. To go completely beyond everything you know in a safe setting

This option provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the mushrooms in a safe setting. The dosage is limited and this option is without an overnight stay.

Standard Duo Ceremony

How about joining together with your best friend, your partner, your sister or father? Every combination is possible in a duo ceremony. Experience together the wonderful moments of joy, truth and heartaches and strenghten your bonds. It can be a heart opening and learnful journey to do a ceremony with the one you love. Celebrate your adventures, work on your habbits, be honest with each other, set your goals, enjoy spending quality time together. Your guide will make sure everybody is taken care for. 

Creating memories together. 


Make it complete

You can book a few extra's to 

make sure you make it yourself as comfortable as possible. Both extra's are on availability.


Private coaching

We've created a preparation & integration package for people who can use some extra support to make the most of it. 


Airport pick up service

This service is only available with private ceremonies (not for group retreats) on availability. Ask in your intake form if this is possible for you.

Intake & Reservation

3 Simple steps to reserve your private ceremony

1. Fill in the intake form

2. We call you for the intake conversation. After the call we save the date for 24 hours. You can make your reservation definite by making the payment.

3. When your payment is received, your reservation will be confirmed. We send you the preparation guidelines.

Magic Mushroom Retreat - Nature Temple

We are Mark & Maya - your retreat experts

We are the creators of the Nature Temple and the Earth Awareness Centre is our home. We know the magic of this place in combination with the strong healing potentials of the magic mushrooms as no one else.

Through the years we have become very experienced space-holders and care-takers, we have been present in the process of thousands of people since 2006, we are experts in the field. We make sure that everything is taken care of, from the intake till the evaluation you can expect professionality from us, as well as a human and authentic approach. We didn’t learn the tricks of the trade from books or courses, we were trained in the field.

After a cycle of 7 years intense training and collaboration with shamans from ancient linages of plant medicine-keepers from all over the earth, we started inviting people for our own ceremonies with the magic mushrooms. We both speak good English (and Dutch). 

Go to 'About our Team' to read more about Mark & Maya.

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Cancellation Policy Private Mushroom Ceremonies

Cancellation is only possible by email. From 2022 we will not handle a special covid cancellation policy and we will not hand out vouchers anymore. 

  • If you cancel within 7 days before the ceremony starts, a refund is not possible anymore. 

  • If you cancel within 14 days before the ceremony starts, we refund 50% of the total price.

  • If you cancel within 30 days before the ceremony starts, we refund 75% of the total price.

  • If you cancel within 30+ days before the ceremony starts, you pay only 25 euro administration costs.

Rescheduling is optional on availability, this means that if there are still tickets available in other retreats that are listed on our website. Because most retreats are fully booked far in advance we cannot garantee that rescheduling is optional. 

You can only reschedule 1 time per ticket. Choose a new date within 1 month. The costs for rescheduling should be paid within 1 month as well, otherwise we consider it to be a cancellation after all. The new date cannot be further than 1 year in the future. 


  • Rescheduling your ticket for an extra payment of 25 €

  • Rescheduling your ticket within the last 10 days before the ceremony starts is not possible

If our organisation has no other option than cancelling the ceremony, we always refund 100% of your ticket.

We never refund or pay for your travel expenses or banking costs!

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