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Choosing the best retreat setting for a psilocybin mushroom experience

Updated: Jun 1

What is the best setting for a psilocybin mushroom retreat?

It is widely known that the setting of a psilocybin mushroom retreat is of great influence on the outcome of your experience. That’s why it is good to inform and prepare yourself well before you book a retreat somewhere. It is scientifically demonstrated that the environment (and people) are just as important as the state of mind you are in when using psilocybin. Worldwide there are a lot of retreat centres you can go to, but a lot of places are more of less the same. You can choose for a more natural place or go for luxury. We can divide the places more or less in 3 groups:

- A retreat centre in nature

- An indoor retreat centre

- At someone’s home

psilocybin mushroom retreat

The outdoor retreat centre

The effects of using psilocybin mushrooms are that it aligns you with your natural state of being, therefore it is obvious that being in nature is supporting and even triggering that process. So before you choose a retreat location, make sure you know why you are going on a retreat in the first place. If you want to connect with your true nature, the best place to go is to a natural environment of course. An outdoor retreat centre offers all you need to find inspiration directly from nature. You can hang into the tree for many hours, stare at the sea or walk through the gardens to clear your head. We feel that all answers for our issues lie in nature. When being in tune (and this is what psilocybin mushrooms do with you) you can actually hear what nature is telling you.

The indoor retreat centre

Indoor experiences are best when having a more therapeutic approach, think about a playlist ceremony or session. Participants are often blindfolded to disconnect them from the outer world. The focus is on the internal voyage. An indoor experience can provide the comfort of a bed, warmth and no weather influences, it’s a controlled space. Because it’s a controlled space the experience can also be more controlled.

At someone’s home

Often provided for people who have less money to spend, so this can be a reason to choose for a psilocybin mushroom ceremony in someone’s private space. Choosing this type of retreat accommodation you want to be extra sure you have met the right person. Although someone might have made some changes in their living room, it still is their living room, it’s loaded with personal energies.

The benefits of going back to basic with your psilocybin mushroom experience

One of the effects of using psilocybin mushrooms is that artificial or unnatural things, tastes or smells are making you really uncomfortable. On the other hand is a natural environment providing inner peace. That’s why most people experience a simple, natural and back to basic environment as a contribution to the whole experience. Psilocybin mushrooms can make you super-aware of every step in a production process, like where does the water come from that flushes the toilet you use or what is the impact on the environment when you turn on the heater. This is why an eco-friendly environment is highly valuated when on mushrooms. Our retreat centre is build around these values.

The Nature Temple is organic, showing the beauty of nature and the whole centre is off the grid, meaning not connected to regular systems for electricity, gas, sewage and water. This life-style is creating a circular system, what you see is what you get and it creates not only a personal involvement in the functioning of this natural system but also a personal responsibility. When after a psilocybin ceremony you can eat the veggies and fruits that have grown next to the Nature Temple, knowing that there was no pollution involved you feel way more relaxed inside already. People who come at our centre are often not very aware of the impact a back to basic life-style has until they experience it themselves. Suddenly they feel more motivated to turn the mobile phone off and start listening to the bird-songs and the wind in the trees. Because there is no wifi in the forest, but the connection is way better 😉

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