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The effects of magic mushrooms and our tips for a great journey

Updated: Mar 26

What are the effects when taking magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms enlighten the brain, free the mind and activate the waking dream state. They expand consciousness, allowing us to realize the wonder of life. They are a key to the circle of oneness and show us how everything is interconnected and interrelated. We use them to accelerate self-discovery, as a tool for healing and as a visionary vehicle to travel within and beyond. As facilitators of the Nature Temple, a psychedelic retreat centre in the Netherlands, we have been doing magic mushroom ceremonies with thousands of people over the 15 years. You can benefit from our observations and tips.

magic truffle retreat

The take-off

Before you start, make sure you are well prepared and are at a good setting, see this blog for more information in how to prepare best. Magic mushrooms, taken on an empty stomach take 10-30 minutes to show their first signs. Colours, sounds and feelings are intensified and your senses start vibrating. The first part, where you leave your everyday state of consciousness to a deeper level, can cause feelings of discomfort and nausea. You can start yawning or sometimes you start to shake. Focusing on deep breathing and making sure your body is in a position where it can relax will help to move you through this stage.

Vomiting and the loss of control

The ‘take off’ takes about 15-45 minutes, after which you find yourself in a state of higher consciousness. The mushrooms will start to make a ‘body-scan’. When the mushrooms are working fully, at moments you may have less co-ordinated control of your motor skills and performing simplest tasks may become a struggle. It can be very helpful to have a ceremonial facilitator or tripsitter beside you who can help you drinking a tea or going to the toilet. Every now and then there is vomiting involved. Magic mushrooms are less a physical purification than other psychedelics, like ayahuasca, but it is not uncommon to vomit, make sure you have a vomit-bucket within your reach, just in case. Vomiting is a very effective way for your body to release energic blockages, emotional stress or body waste. Energy blocks are usually manifested as small pains in the body. Just surrender to it all.

magic mushroom ceremony Nature Temple

Higher states of consciousness

While on magic mushrooms you can become increasingly aware of your surroundings and yourself, but also other people that are in the space. If other another person is triggering you, it helps to keep an open heart towards the others and focus on your own process. Whether it is a person who is triggering you or it is a sound, a thought or something else, a change of scenery can do wonders. Get out of your discomfort, start walking, lay down, start dancing. Sometimes, with a small adjustment you can make big changes. Depending on the dosage you’ve taken the trip takes about 4 to 6 hours. During the mushroom trip everything is intensified, so also your emotions and thoughts, experience and explore these intense moments! Although the monkey-mind is famous for evoking interaction with others, this is a pitfall for focussing on what really matters. Sharing spontaneously or truly from the heart, not the chattering mind.

The cooling down

The experience might have been easy or difficult for you. If you have experienced full bliss and oneness with all the cooling down can be full of gratefulness or a bit difficult because you don’t want to leave this special state of being. If the experience was confronting and challenging you might feel happy that the effects are wearing off and you gain control again over yourself. Space it out, it will take hours before the effects are completely gone. Eating healthy food after the experience can be a real treat, food have never tasted sooo good. After a good sleep and a full belly you will start feeling as usual (but different). It is very helpful if you can share with others what you have experienced. A good integration of your experience is needed to filter all the lessons you’ve received, this is where the real work starts. We offer also psychedelic integration circles (online and on spot) and psychedelic coaching consultations.

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