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The Nature Temple: the ultimate setting for a psilocybin ceremony

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Are you looking for the ideal setting for a psilocybin ceremony? Look no further. The Nature Temple has everything you wish for. What would be the best setting for a psilocybin ceremony?

The Roof of the Nature Temple from the inside

There are many things you may take into account when looking for a good setting to embark on a mushroom journey. But one of the most valuable things obviously would be: solid and trustworthy guidance. The team at Earth Awareness is fully dedicated to create a warm and loving container for your journey. We provide all the space you need for your own journey to unfold. At the same time we keep a close eye on all participants and offer assistance in whatever ways needed. This already starts with taking care for a sound preparation beforehand, and it doesn’t stop with a soft landing at the end of the psilocybin ceremony itself. As we also offer tools and guidance to integrate your experiences afterwards.

The Nature Temple is designed especially for psilocybin ceremonies

Besides good care and guidance, you would also need a safe and comfortable place where you can retreat from your daily life. Well, the fairy-tale Nature Temple is especially designed for psilocybin ceremonies. Like in all shamanic ceremonies, the fire place is the centre and the heart of the Temple. The fire is considered the first real shaman, and it’s plays a central role in our ceremonies, as it both mirrors us and aids us in processes of transformation. In the inner circle, around the fire, we all sit together, sing, make music and share about our journeys. The outer circle is the perfect place to retreat: here all participants have their own mattress, where they can journey deep down inside themselves.

Off-grid centre in nature

The Nature Temple is dedicated to nature and made from nature. It contains numerous wood species collected from the local surroundings. The glass-stained windows are made from colourful recycled glass bottles. And the equally colourful geodesic dome on top is complemented by a green roof with an everchanging abundance of flowers and plants. The setting is a real work of art, that already inspires her visitors by just being there.

A beautiful pink flower

And there are more reasons why the Nature Temple is the ideal setting for a psilocybin ceremony. Located in the centre of the Netherlands, on the outside of a rural village, the Earth Awareness Centre is part of a larger off-grid-community. This means we have organised almost all of our resources in a self-sustainable way, and that we harvest our own vegetables from the garden. The setting thus offers inspiration for transformation on all levels of our being, from the personal to the societal and environmental.

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