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Turn your psychedelic experience into a shamanic ceremony

Updated: Jun 1

Why you want to choose for a shamanic psychedelic experience?

Because psychedelic experiences are inseparable with shamanism. The use of mind-altering substances is rooted deep into the fabric of nature religions all over the globe. Having a psychedelic experience is having a shamanic experience, the two are completely intertwined. That’s why leaving the shamanic compound out of the psychedelic experience, which is often the case with psychedelic sessions in the West, you would miss out a lot. Although both approaches have their own qualities, we strongly believe that the Western approach only, is not sufficient enough to activate the whole spectrum of potential.

Shamanic Ceremony - plant medicine ceremony

What does shamanism contribute?

Shamanism is based on the understanding that the sensory/physical world is influenced by immaterial energies which affect the lives of all of us. It inspires to listen to inner guidance, follow your own footsteps and learn from direct communication with the source. It is a way of life to strengthen the connection with nature and the mystery of creation, it is the oldest form of healing and ceremonial magic. It is an ancient spiritual practice that involves altered states of consciousness and is found in animistic cultures around the world. Shamanic tribes originate as early as thirty thousand years ago. It can be seen as a healing and wisdom tradition. The knowledge of ancestral memory has been passed down verbally to next generation for ages. It is known to be the first primal trance, a lineage of wisdom with its own symbolism and cosmology. The transcendental techniques of shamanism are not a religion or belief system, but knowledge based on first-hand experience. Thousands of years of practice withstood the test of time and are similar around the world, despite geographic borders.

shamanic ceremony - plant medicine retreat

Elements of a shamanic ceremony

Which ingredients are often found in a shamanic ceremony? Prayer and chants are the tools of a shaman to invoke the energies and hold the space. Making acoustic live music is another way of praying without words but through sounds. Fire, the representative of the creator, your inner spirit. Smell, as our olfactory organ possesses ancient memory and odors are traveling straight into your reptilian brain. Sharing, being together, being open and connected with the others, coming out, laughing and crying together.

The power of ceremony

Nowadays hallucinogenic plants are used in a therapeutic setting or even in a recreational way. This rarely has the same effect as when done in a clear-headed sense, with focus and pure intentions as in a ceremony. Ceremonies have turned out to be of great value through the course of our history. Tested methods passed down from generation to generation that taught them about life and death. Every element in a ceremony has a function and offers structure that fortifies the end goal. There is a difference between a ceremony and a ritual as a ceremony leaves space for a spontaneous course and a ritual is following a set structure. A ceremony is better seen as a bridge across generations towards ancestral knowledge. It’s a foundation in spiritual awakening or a starting mark of an important event like birth, adolescence, marriage or passing away.

A shamanic ceremony in the Nature Temple

In our ceremonies in the Nature Temple there is the possibility to be present, to express, to be alive and really work with the energies that move through you. Although your journey is always a personal one, many of our ceremonies have a high level of togetherness. During the night the facilitators will balance the energies with a multitude of instruments and their profound musical skills. Our ceremonies are dynamic and alive, with beautiful acoustic music, sensitive songs and powerful chants, silence and sincere sharing around the fireplace. We hold space with a clear ceremonial structure that leaves room for a playful, open minded and intuitive course, in which you are invited to contribute.

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