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Events Nature Temple

We offer you plenty of choice

The Nature Temple is the space to be, for unique and well organized magic mushroom retreats. Because everybody has different needs, we offer a wide variety of retreats, so you can always choose something that fits your personal needs. All of these options are suited for first timers and/or experienced people. 

Private Ceremonies

The Nature Temple all to yourself? No distractions from other people? Private ceremonies are of course very suitable for this. We offer different types of private ceremonies. 

3 Day Retreats

From Friday till Sunday, with several workshops and one live music mushroom ceremony. The groups are bigger, you'll be meeting many sincere people to share the experience with.

Psychedelic Integration circles

You want to stay connected and also share with others how the retreat influenced your life? Every few weeks you can join an online integration circle. 

5 Day Retreat

Looking for our most complete retreat? That's the 5 day retreat! Everything has been thought of, this retreat definitely gives the best chance of long-term improvements.

2 Day Retreats

Short retreats for healthy people. There are no workshops, coaching conversations, etc in this retreat, just one life music ceremony. You take care for a good preparation/integration yourself.

Personal Coaching

We offer a variety of coaching sessions. We can assist you one on one with your preparation and integration, but we are also there if you have other needs. 

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