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What can a psychedelic coach do for you?

Updated: Jun 1

Through life, with or without the use of psychedelics, an person is likely to encounter realizations and insights and potentially face challenges. A good psychedelic coach will help you prepare well for the experience and offers you clear guidance during the integration afterwards.

Psychedelic coach

When do you benefit from contacting a psychedelic coach?

A psychedelic coaching trajectory can be beneficial for many people. Of course first timers, people who have no experience with psychedelics. Why not benefit from those who have plenty of experience when you have none..? Psychedelic coaches have also proven to be helpful for people who are quite uncertain by nature or just insecure for the unknown area’s of themselves. A coach can take you by the hand and guide you through the forest of questions you might have. By making good contact on forehand with your guide throughout a coaching session, you probably feel way more relaxed, because you know this person a bit already.

The third group of people that find their way to this coach are people who have already experimented with psychedelics. Eighter they bumped into difficulties for which they seek proper guidance or their formal experience has not been so deep and they want to learn how to prepare and integrate better for much more results. Our coaching trajectory is structured but not static, meaning that we can implement your personal reasons for joining such program, we can customize to your coaching needs.

Retreat centre Netherlands

What can a psychedelic coach do for you?

A good coach is equipped with a lot of personal experience. No matter how many books are written about psychedelics, you cannot learn this from a book. It takes many journey’s before you can speak of an experienced coach. A coach is not the same as a guide, to guide a psychedelic ceremony even more experience is needed. The main role of a coach is to help you use the transformative energy that comes free and make the most of the experience by sending its power to all aspects of your life. A good coach will assist you with identifying your goals, set a plan of action and keep track your progress. He or she will uncover what lies below the surface of your emotional and mental habits that drives your habits. He or she will provide an open attitude towards all you need to share in a complete confidential setting so you can feel completely safe to share.

  • Identify sources of insight and wisdom from your trip

  • Provide actionable ways for you to integrate your experience into your everyday life

Nature Temple Netherlands - psychdelic retreat centre

Providing accountability in lasting changes

The Earth Awareness Team has a few well trained expert-guides on board. As (lead)facilitators and psychedelic organizers we can assist in creating new understanding about yourself, your worldview and how to put tasks into practice. The journey of self-discovery and healing through a good consultation can reach new heights in co-creation with our support. Some of us work 20+ years with the psychedelics and have assisted many thousands of people during very intense experiences. We have been receiving overwhelmingly many positive reactions on our authentic way of holding space and taking care for the people. We can honestly say that this is our life’s work, not a job.

Our experience easily identifies the sources of insight and wisdom that lay within you and we will help bring it to the surface by providing accessible ways for you to make this wisdom your own and integrate all into your everyday life.

  • We offer short sessions for people who have only a few questions (1 hour coaching session)

  • And we offer extended preparation & integration trajectories for people who want to dive deeper into the topics that arise. (2x 40 min before the retreat and 2x 40 min after the retreat)

Psychedelic coaching is by means of phone/video calls (whatsapp or zoom). We are looking forward to make our expertise your advantage and to keep you safe while going on a psychedelic adventure.

Interested and want to know more?

From checking our website and watching our video’s you get an idea of who we are and what we do. It is very important that you feel it’s resonating with who you are and how you think. If not, we probably wont speak the same language and there is a better coach for you out there. But if you do feel the connection, you can contact us by email or web message.


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