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Why psilocybin mushroom retreats boost your creativity?

Updated: Jun 1

Looking at studies, it seems like psilocybin mushroom retreats can improve creative thinking and problem-solving.

How psilocybin mushrooms boost your creativity

Psilocybin mushrooms when taken in the right set and setting stimulate brain performance and support a different perspective. Psilocybin mushrooms can open our minds to new possibilities. Having an open, flexible mind lets you see things from a different perspective. All of these aspects contribute to the process of creating art. Creativity is about the expression of your inner world. Practicing a creative activity is like meditation, it’s calming, it inspires, relieves stress and puts you in contact with your inner self. For us, the Earth Awareness team, the building of the Nature Temple was exactly that; one big creative meditation ceremony. We are dedicated to provide the ultimate (read mind blowing, natural and artsy) setting for inner journey’s with psilocybin mushrooms.

Nature Temple - Natural Artwork Netherlands

Psilocybin mushrooms literally free your mind

Being in a creative moment opens and frees the mind and when the mind is free it becomes flexible. In science this is called neuro-plasticity. This is the moment where new pathways are born. It unblocks old patterns or habits of thinking. Creativity is a skill you can cultivate, it is the ability to imagine a non-linear exploration of ideas or possible solutions to a situation. It's a spontaneous fantasy that is free-flowing. Psilocybin mushroom retreats can support people big time to get a more flexible mindset and experience "reality" from a different viewpoint. When you are under the influence of these psychedelic mushrooms the different parts of your brain communicate more freely, similar to what people experience when they dream.

Nature Temple - Natural Art Work Netherlands

Creative people are more healthy and happy

Being creative is an essential part of being human. It helps us reach goals, to adapt, and connect with each other and manifest our dreams. Scientists from new Zealand have shown in this article that being creative every day is indeed making you happier. Psilocybin mushrooms are very effective at improving the function of the brain. Psilocybin helps to enhance one’s mood, improves mental capabilities, and boosts one’s creative drives and innovations. Psilocybin mushrooms have inspired many geniuses, musicians, artists and writers and allowed users to be liberated from the rational mind and create visionary art.

Being creative during or after your psilocybin retreat is the best way to integrate the experience!

The retreats with the psilocybin mushrooms gave us the inspiration for the building of the Nature Temple, a sacred workspace dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. The enormous impression the psilocybin ceremonies made on us gave us the inspiration but also the endurance and commitment to build this magnificent spiritual home for brothers and sisters from all over the world. We aim to share our passion to come together around the fire and enjoy this beautiful life with songs, music and sincere sharing. The building took about 10 years and became the ultimate expression of ecstatic’s and functionality. This makes it the most perfect place for people to experience a trip with psilocybin mushrooms.

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