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The power of entheogens – achieve transformation in a magic truffle ceremony

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Magic Mushrooms or Magic Truffles are used as so-called entheogens. These are plants with psychoactive substances that are used in a spiritual context, to find the God or Goddess within ourselves. Our mind and mental state has been conditioned in such a way that we rely completely on our assumptions, so that we perceive the world in a very limited way. The moment you go beyond that logic with the help of entheogens, you get a totally different perception. Your brain hemispheres make different connections, opening up new possibilities and allowing you to experience a different reality. It is not the case that when the substance has worked out, the connections disappear again, because they were always there, only you did not know it. Once you have the awareness you will never lose it. You have experienced the knowledge and feeling that goes with it. After the ceremony you have to work with it to understand and anchor the transformation in yourself.

Whether you've been meditating on a mystical experience for 20 years, practicing hypnosis, or undergoing regression therapy, there are many ways to achieve transformation, one is not necessarily better than the other. But the use of entheogens has another advantage: they speed up the process. It is a very effective means of foreknowing and examining the human mind.

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Deliciously local and ecological - Magic Mushrooms

In Mexico there are still tribes that have used entheogens for centuries, this tradition with hallucinogens, for example, peyote cacti, has continued because they have moved deeply away from the modern world, leaving their authentic culture and customs intact. Also in the Amazon, deep in the jungle, the knowledge and tradition have been preserved that does not use mushrooms, but a tea brewed from various plants called ayahuasca that conjures up enriching visions. Mark: “We have worked together for years with people from those cultures and have clearly experienced that there is a source of knowledge and wisdom that is centuries old. We use entheogens from pure Dutch soil: the mushrooms, better known as Magic Mushrooms. Deliciously local and ecological. As a result, we make the translation key to our country, to what is authentic for us and in our environment.”

Philosopher Stones - Magic Truffles

Philosopher Stones is the name of the Magic Truffles that you can buy at smart shops these days. This designation goes back to the alchemists, who seek the Philosopher Stone as the missing ingredient with which to turn the lead into gold. This image actually encompasses the process of experiencing the enlightenment of the separated ego consciousness into the unity consciousness of the higher self. With us you can only participate in a ceremony with an intention aimed at inner growth if you are willing to work with yourself.

Magic Truffle Ceremony

A ceremony is a marker in time. It is an opportunity to express something that lives in you and then either open or close something with it. According to Mark and Maya, this marker is very important if you want to create a mind-expanding experience with the magic mushrooms. Mark: “The moment you open the gates of time with the help of entheogens, you have to make sure you have a marking point where you can go back to, where you can come back to the here and now. The mushrooms provide insight. It is an instrument, a tool, with which you can tinker with your personality. It is a method that has endured for thousands of years in many cultures and in which Maya and I really feel that the connection with nature and everything that lives is empowered and deepened."

Maya: “We have been doing the group ceremonies at Earth Awareness in Teuge for a long time, but recently you can also do a private ceremony, intended for people who eat mushrooms for the first time or for other reasons want to work on a personal level. It is also very suitable for small groups (up to 4 people) with a common goal, for example realizing it. We always have to wait and see what exactly happens, but we always see a recurring line when using the mushrooms. We guide the process by means of song, sound, smell and music and we ensure that someone achieves what is desired. When we take mushrooms, they communicate with us in a way. It is also very clear the moment you take them what needs to be done; sometimes there just needs to be silence, sometimes someone needs to sit by the fire and just start talking. You cannot plan how something like this will go. It's an intuitive process. It is true that every element in the ceremony has a function and is tuned so that it supports the journey.

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