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Psychedelic art festival in the Netherlands where you can find us on the 'sacred island'. A beautiful and quiet island where we host magic mushroom ceremonies and lectures. Since 2017 Earth Awareness is opening the festival at the main stage. 

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Earth Awareness opening ceremony Psy-Fi 2018
ucl london

University Collage London

We are excited to collaborate with a research scientist of the University College London: Rosalind McAlpine. This year, she will start using questionnaires and interviews to gather data from people who have previously attended one of our retreats. We are investigating how best to prepare for psychedelic experiences and also how the retreat setting (group, natural environment) contributes to psychedelic invoked personal change.

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DM Tripson

DM Tripson is the author of the first book completely dedicated to the knowledge and use of Psilocybin Mushrooms (also known as magic mushrooms, hallucinogenic mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, sacred mushrooms, “shrooms” etc.)
The book is an instruction manual that goes far beyond its discussion of doses, methods of consumption, and other areas of indispensable practical advice. Above all it serves as a guide book on how to explore consciousness itself and how to achieve self-knowledge in complete safety. We recommend reading this book as you are starting your psychedelic journey as it is a compledte guide that speaks about all assents that are good to know about.

dm tripson
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