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  • What to bring to a retreat?
    After making the reservation you will receive a list of things to bring. This can be slightly diffent depending on which retreat you join. In general: Warm, comfortable clothing, layers, no tight clothing’s Spare clothing in case of ‘little accidents’ A flashlight Warm slippers or thick socks to wear in the Nature Temple Optional: a small object for on the altar and musical instruments Sleeping gear: 1p camping mat (max.90 cm), sleeping bag, pillow if you sleep in the Nature Temple.
  • Can you say eighther mushrooms or truffles are better?
    No, it is not appropriate to conclude that one is "better" than the other when comparing psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin truffles. The perception of whether one is "better" depends on individual preferences, intentions, and experiences of the user. Both psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin truffles have their unique characteristics and can offer distinct experiences to individuals. The choice between psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin truffles can be influenced by various factors, including: Legal Status: The legal status of psilocybin-containing substances varies from country to country. In some places, psilocybin mushrooms might be illegal, while psilocybin truffles might be considered legal due to different regulations. Potency: As mentioned earlier, psilocybin mushrooms generally have higher psilocybin content, which can affect the intensity of the psychedelic experience. Some individuals may prefer the potency of mushrooms, while others might seek a milder experience with truffles. Duration: The difference in onset time and duration of effects might influence the choice of substance. Some users might prefer the relatively shorter duration of psilocybin mushrooms, while others might appreciate the longer-lasting effects of psilocybin truffles. Cultural and Spiritual Significance: Some individuals might be drawn to the historical and cultural significance of psilocybin mushrooms, especially if they are interested in exploring ancient rituals and traditions. Conversely, others may find intrigue in the revival of psilocybin truffles' significance in contemporary contexts. Personal Tolerance and Sensitivity: Each person's body chemistry is unique, and individual responses to psilocybin mushrooms and truffles can vary. Some people may find they connect better with one substance over the other due to personal sensitivity or tolerance levels. Ultimately, the suitability of one over the other is subjective and based on personal preferences and intentions. What is crucial is that individuals approach the use of any psychoactive substance, including psilocybin-containing fungi, with responsibility, respect, and a commitment to harm reduction. It is essential to be informed, understand potential risks, and create a safe and supportive environment for the psychedelic experience. Consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced guide or mental health professional can also enhance the overall safety and positive outcomes of such experiences.
  • What can I expect from the effects?
    On an empty stomach the truffles will usually start to work within half an hour. Initially your body can feel a bit restless, this is when the medicine, which is what we call the little mushrooms, are scanning your body. This feeling generally fades as soon as you have surrendered to the experience. The intensity of the experience comes and goes in waves and continues to do so for about 4 to 6 hours. Some people can experience some nausea in which case deep belly breathing, movement or relaxing tend to ease the feeling of nausea. Further you can experience visions, emotions and insights. Don’t be surprised if radical shifts start occurring in your life. The psychedelic experience can make you feel all ‘four seasons in one day’, with moments of pure consciousness, intense sadness or fear, gratefulness and absolute bliss. From personal experience we know that it can become quite challenging for a person as fears may arise, but often this is where the self-healing takes off. Our team encourages people to surrender to, or work with the energy that moves through you. We will be there for meeting your needs, before, after and during the ceremony.
  • The location is off grid. What does that mean?
    This means the location is not connected to regular systems for water, gas, sewage and electricity. We make use of compost toilets, rainwater, solar panels and wood-burning stoves. This adds to your connection with nature and the elements. On your arrival the team will take you on a practical tour around the centre, so you will be able to find your way easily. We don’t offer facilities to charge any electronic devices.
  • Address, email and parking"
    Earth Awareness is located at de Ambonstraat 5, 9573 MV in Teuge (NL) The Ambonstraat is a side street of the Rijksstraatweg, which runs from Apeldoorn to Deventer. Ambonstraat is not mentioned on all paper maps (most GPS and navigation systems do recognise this street). You can find de Ambonstraat behind a large fence. We share the terrain with others, so please respect the privacy of our neighbours by staying on the main roads. In the instructions given it is mentioned where you can park your car. Walk straight up to the second house of the left, where you enter a driveway. You can see the Nature Temple already rising through the trees. If you are travelling by public transport please note that you can only reach Teuge by bus from Apeldoorn. In the evenings after 19.00 and on weekends you need to make reservations to use this bus service. This is free of charge. For more bus information or reservations visit
  • Why do people generally attend?
    To liberate themselves from past issues, anxiety, gilt or sorrow. To live their full potential, attract guidance, clarity and vision. To reconnect with their inner spirit from where creativity is born. To improve self-care and gain understanding about their relationships and the interconnectedness of all things. To reconnect with other people, to lay down the masks, to be open and honest, to feel save and supported. To release and reload or to mark an important personal moment.
  • How can I prepare for a magic mushroom ceremony/retreat?
    To get most out of the experience a good personal preparation is necessary. If you are not in the possibility to prepare yourself with care, please do not book a ceremony or retreat at our centre. Make sure you’ve had enough rest, feel relaxed and have a clear mind. Just go with what works for you, also when it comes down to food. It is recommended a week before attending the ceremony to avoid alcohol, drugs, (red) meat, very sweet or fat foods and sexual interaction. Take time to feel and explore attentively where you stand and wonder what this ceremony can mean for you. Your own attention is what creates the experience. So basically the ceremony has already started the moment you signed up. If you make a reservation and you’ve passed the intake procedure we will send you detailed information on how to prepare best.
  • House rules
    Water: Use drinking water for drinking and cooking only. Use rainwater for washing (hands), cleaning and showering. Electric: There is no electricity for mobile phones/laptops. Cigarette ends in the ashtray. It is not allowed to burn candles or incense inside the farmhouse. We live on a terrain with several other people. Respect our neighbours and stay on the paved road. Respect our private space (the ground floor of the house is private). Keep the place tidy and take all of your belongings at your department.
  • What about the accommodation?
    Follow our natural lifestyle. During the retreat you go back to basic at our off grid centre. Our off grid systems are easy to use. Our sanitary is recently renovated, it’s clean and comfortable. With our solar powered warm shower and the compost toilets are a contribution to the whole experience we hear back from most participants. To keep these systems functioning its is important you take care to follow the instructions given. There is no wifi connection, so you are encouraged to leave your devices in your suitcase for a while. Not answering to your daily digital habits can be experienced as a relief and great contribution to focus on your world within. We do not stimulate the use of mobile phones, although it’s also not forbidden to use your phone sometimes during the breaks. You eighter sleep in the Nature Temple or in the cosy private tent at our INDOOR camping. A private tent where you can stand uprisht, with a bed, a mettress, sheets/duvet/pillow, a carpet and a night lamp will provide you in your basic needs. The tents have a hight of 2.50 m and are 2.50x2.50 m. They are situated on our spacious and light upper atelier. The private tents are included at a 5/7 day retreat, but at a 2/3 retreat you need to make a reservation for this option (this comes with extra costs).
  • I have medical questions, can you help me?"
    Sure! Dr. Pieter Kartikeya Das is part of team for many years and he can answer your medical questions. You can ask for a consult with Pieter, let’s introduce him: "My name is Pieter Kartikeya Das and after my regular studies to become a doctor I decided to take a leap into complementary medicine and adapt a more holistic view on human health. After working in the fields of psychiatry and addiction medicine I decided to found my own practice to fit the needs of the new era we’ve just entered. In my practice I work with different healing modalities ranging from yoga, meditation, medicinal plants as well as healing through sound. About 7 years ago I crossed paths with Earth Awareness and have been working together ever since. My special interest in psychedelic therapy finds roots here and I’m grateful to be of service for the centre and its visitors. Sometimes there are questions of people who take prescription drugs or are on a different kind of therapy and wonder about possible risks etc. Some clients also find it helpful to reflect on their intentions and feelings before and/or after the ceremony, out of the standard intake and aftercare procedure. I offer the possibility to book a consultation and have a videocall on the matter. An intake costs €75,-/hour. I’m looking forward to be of service." Website: Dr. Aquarius
  • What are the contra-indications for joining a ceremony/retreat?
    Our ceremonies and retreats are meant for people in good mental and physical health. It is not offered as a substitute for medical or psycho-therapeutic care. Magic mushrooms cannot be taken in combination with anti-depressive or anti-psychotic medication. If you are under these or other kind of medication or doctor treatments you are required to consult your doctor to ask if you can participate in ceremonies where psilocybin is used. You always need to inform us about your medical or psychological treatment. Although a life does not always feel perfect and nobody’s life is without challenges, we draw a line where it comes to people who are heavy traumatized, have a tendency to be suicidal or psychotic. It is important you answer our intake questionnaire with honesty. Sometimes it is best not to use psychedelics, for your own and others safety. If we have questions or doubts about your participation for further questions or ask you to speak to a doctor first. In general, Contraindications: – Pregnancy – Schizophrenia – Borderline – Psychosis sensitivity – Severe Blood Pressure/Heart Problems – Brain haemorrhages Furthermore, the following drugs cannot be combined with psychedelics: – SSRI, SNRI, TCA and MAO inhibitors (serotonergic drugs) – Lithium – Benzodiazepines (Valium, Oxazepam, XANAX, etc.) – Heart and blood pressure medication – Opoids (tramadol, morphine and codeine)
  • Policy on pictures, video's, etc
    Let's start with saying that during the ceremonies it is forbidden for guests to use electric devices. During the ceremony we guarantee the privacy of each participant. After and before ceremonies it is okay to take pictures of the place. If you take pictures of people, always ask their permission. For us, as an organisation, it works the same. During the ceremonies will not make pictures or videos. We do sometimes make audio recordings of our own music and singing, nothing else. If you make a reservation for a retreat in the Nature Temple it is your responsability to let us know on forehand that you do not want to be in pictures/videos made outside of the ceremony. We sometimes use these footage for website en socials. If you do not want this, pleas inform us when you arive. It is not always possible to change things afterwards anymore.
  • How does the intake procedure work?
    For every type of ceremony/retreat the intake procedure works slightly different, check the information in the event you would like to attend
  • How 'inclusive' are our retreats
    Embrace your authentic self! At our retreat center, we welcome individuals from all walks of life with open arms and open hearts. Our guiding principle is to create a space where everyone feels accepted, respected, and valued for who they are. We believe that diversity enriches our experiences and fosters a sense of unity among all our guests. Inclusivity is at the core of our ethos, where each person is encouraged to express their true selves freely. Whether you identify with a particular gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or cultural background, you will find a warm and supportive community that celebrates uniqueness and embraces differences. As a center that promotes openness and understanding, we prioritize creating an atmosphere that nurtures meaningful connections and shared experiences. We believe that by fostering a sense of belonging, we can help individuals grow and flourish on their personal journeys. No Special treatment While we are committed to providing a warm and respectful atmosphere, we do not offer specific treatments like gender-neutral toilets or separate accommodations for gender-neutral or transgender individuals. Our facilities are designed to be inclusive and accessible to all guests. We believe in treating all individuals equally, without singling out any specific group for special attention. Our goal is to foster a sense of unity and equality among all guests, recognizing and celebrating the diversity of identities and experiences that each person brings to our community. We encourage open dialogue and active listening, where each individual's needs and concerns are addressed with empathy and understanding. We feel in the first place we are all humans. Dress in whatever you like and believe in whatever feels best, but know that not everybody will share your taste or believes. Deal with that too. Don't force yourself or your ways onto others. Be respectful, and you'll receive the respect back.
  • What about dosage?
    The dosage we serve to each individual is personal, depending on anxiety and guardedness, personality type and intentions, body size, 1:1 conversations and many other elements that influence the experience. The truffles are included, you don’t have to bring your own. They are quite tasty, a bit like nuts.. Depending on the type of retreat you choose there is also a maximum dosage. Maximum dosage 2 or 3 day retreat: Beginners 15 grams and advanced 25 grams fresh truffles Maximum dosage 5 dat retreat: beginners 20 grams and advanced 30 grams fresh truffles Maximum dosage standard private ceremony: 25 grams Maximum dosage heroic private ceremony: 40 grams fresh truffles
  • I have to cancel my reservation, what now?"
    Cancelling your reservation is always possible, but can include cancelation fees. Cancellation is only possible by email Check the information on this website of the retreat you've booked for the cancellation policy.
  • Are you using truffles or mushrooms in the retreat?
    We use truffles. Truffles are sclerotica (mycelium thickenings) which grow underground and are a part of the fungi, just like the fruit bodies (called mushrooms) that grow above the ground. The part that grows underground consists of the same active compounds as the ones that grow above the ground. We use truffles instead of mushrooms because truffles are legal in the Netherlands and mushrooms are not. In our texts we mainly speak about mushrooms and less about truffles, because people outside of the Netherlands are not so familiar with the name truffles.
  • How can I integrate the experience best?
    A psychedelic experience takes time to integrate, therefore we highly recommend to continue to avoid alcohol, drugs, (red) meat and sexual interaction for a while after the ceremony has taken place. Make sure that you don´t have much planned till even a few days after the ceremony, keep life as relaxed as possible. Connect to nature and take good care of yourself. The effects of the ceremony can last for another few days or even weeks. To process the whole experience even can take years. Know, that if you booked a ceremony or retreat, you will receive a detailed info mail about a good integration. If you have doubts concerning your health or well-being afterward, always feel free to contact us. Our ceremonial facilitator Judith Sudholter has written a blog about the integration process. She organizes online integration circles as well. How to integrate a magic mushroom cermony in your daily life? (
  • Can I come earlier or leave sooner?
    In the invitation are the arrival and department times, please do not arrive before the indicated time, because the team is preparing the space and needs time together without interferences. If you travel from abroad and you arrive earlier in the Netherlands find yourself a place to stay until the centre is opening. After the ceremony/retreat you cannot stay longer at our centre. If you do not want to travel long distances right away find/book a place where you can chill out a bit longer. We are close to the Veluwe, the biggest national park of the Netherlands. Here you can find great b&b’s, hotels or apartment’s. When you make a reservation, you agree to stay till the end. The closing circle is an important part of the experience and it functions best if all participants are still there. If you have children at home, a dog to take care for, work that cannot wait you agree that you have made agreements with other people so you can stay till the end.
  • Is it allowed to mix the mushrooms with other substances like marijuana, rappeh, or other entheogens, during the ceremony?"
    We do not Judge combining substances, but it is not allowed during this ceremony or retreat. We trust you come sober and agree to stick to the way we offer the ceremony.
  • Can you compare magic mushrooms with ayahuasca?
    At our centre we only use the mushrooms, we never use ayahuasca or other plant medicines. Because ayahuasca has gotten a lot of media attention in the last 10 years, many people ask us what is the difference or similarity with mushrooms. Well, the DMT (in ayahuasca) and psilocin (in truffles) are similar molecules. Both are closely related to our bodies own serotonin and function similarly. There are a lot of similarities, but every mind expanding substance has its own character. mushrooms/truffles are, in contrast to ayahuasca, very mild for the body, the physical detox (vomiting/diarrhea) is lesser with mushrooms than with ayahuasca. The mushrooms generally have a more playful and extravert nature, as for ayahuasca you can expect a more introvert journey.
  • How safe is our magic mushroom retreat?
    First of all, the magic truffles we use are non-toxic to the body and there is no reason to believe you can get addicted. If taken with the right intentions, in a good physical and emotional state of being, you are on the safe side. Be aware that joining this ceremony requires a tremendous amount of trust, you might going to be vulnerable. If you have any doubts about yourself, always mention it in the intake form. You can expect us to treat you with care and respect, with a high degree of transparency. We are aware of the importance of education and safety and therefore provide you with good instructions, before during and after the experience. It is up to you to read all instructions with care and follow our advice. Further it’s good to mention that people who need extra caretaking because of physical, emotional or mental issues should not make a reservation for 2/3 day retreats, these ceremonies are mend for people who are in good health/shape. The 5/7 day retreats or the private ceremonies are more suitable as the guide can give the participant all the extra attention he/she needs. The centre has facilitated ceremony for thousands of people since 2006, collaborating with keepers of ancestral knowledge. We have integrated different teacher plant traditions and blended it with our own European roots. We have used this experience to finetune a balance between indigenous traditions, modern Western culture and scientific knowledge. This gives our organisation a strong foundation of professional standards, safety protocols and ethics. The cornerstone of our retreats is an incredible transdisciplinary team of skilled and highly experienced facilitators who are there to support. We are dedicated to provide our guests the opportunity to benefit from the psilocybin’s potential to catalyse a life changing experience.
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