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5 Day Mushroom Retreat

The cornerstone of our retreats is an incredible transdisciplinary team of skilled and experienced facilitators

In these 5 days our general goal is to align you with your natural state of being. We will guide you all the way, from a decent preparation to a comprehensive integration. This retreat is designed to catalize life-changing experiences. With over 9 workshops for body, mind and soul, we provide a wonderful retreat to awaken your true potential at a phenomenal location.

We are dedicated to providing our guests the opportunity to benefit from the potential of the magic mushrooms to catalyse a life changing experience. For us it is not a job or a hobby, but a way of life. The main difference between us and other retreat centers is that we live at this place as well. You visit us as our personal guest, you are intemately involved in our off grid lifestyle and philosophy. You eat the veggies that we cultivate. so you can experience first-hand how it feels to live in closer connection to nature. 

Pricing 2024 

A 5 day retreat in the Nature Temple costs 1375€ and includes:

  • 2 Mushroom ceremonies

  • A daily program with workshops for improving awareness

  • Detailed preparation guidelines and intake conversation when required

  • Comprehensive integration program

  • Personal coaching conversations with the staff

  • 5 Days of biological vegetarian food, from our own garden whenever possible

  • Transport from and to the train station or free parking

  • Private lodgings, fully equiped, at our indoor camping

  • A follow-up integration check and aftercare if required

An online integration circle with the people from your retreat is optional to book after the retreat as an extra option. During the integration workshop you'll be receiving more information about this option. Dates can be found here.

The program

We offer a varied and supportive activity program during the whole retreat. Every retreat is slightly different, depending on which team members are joining and depending on the number of participants. You can be sure we offer you a balanced program set up to help you to prepare for or integrate the mushroom ceremonies. This is an example of the retreat progam, be aware that this is not the actual progam! This is just to give you an idea of what you can expect. 


Arrival between 16.00-17.00 hours

Practical tour, diner, introduction circle, individual coaching conversations/campfire/getting to know each other.


Breakfast, checking express, breathwork, lunch, pauze, medicine wheel ceremony, pauze, voice expression workshop pauze, magic mushroom live music ceremony. 


Breakfast, sharing circle, pauze, critical alignment yoga, lunch, tension workshop, pauze, massages/free space, diner, massages/free space.


Breakfast, checking express, info second ceremony, pauze, free dance workshop, lauching meditation, pauze, magic mushroom playlist ceremony.


Breakfast, sharing circle, pauze, lunch, integration workshop, group photo, departure between 15.00-16.00 hours. 

Retreat Dates

5 Day retreats are organized from April till October.

During the winter we have no group retreats.

April 4/8 2024 (fully booked)

May 2/6 2024 

June 6/10 2024 (fully booked)

August 8/12 2024 (7 tickets left)

October 3/7 2024 (11 tickets left)

nature temple

Intake & Reservation

3 Simple steps to reserve your 5 day retreat

1. Fill in the intake form

2. When you passed the intake procedure we send you the link to make the payment

3. When your payment is received, your reservation will be confirmed. We send you the preparation guidelines

Nature Temple retreat centre

Nature Temple

Designed for magic mushroom ceremonies

The Group

We strive for groups of maximum 15 participants, both male and female and from different nationalities, therefore we speak English. 

Many people are seeking a way to enrich and enhance their lives and reconnect with nature, feeling more and more enmeshed in impossible demands, pressure and stress, with a sense of being out of step with their true authentic self. If you
feel that life has lost its magic or fulfillment, the path of psychedelics might help you to reawaken your spirit.
All participants share more or less the same intention; to create a more rewarding life. In the trust and safety of the group you find recognition and many times friendships evolve from these shared experiences. The group stimulates you to develop your talents and deal with your challenges.

Gavin - UK - July 2022

Without doubt one of the most profound experiences of my life. The care, kindness and wisdom shown to me filled me with so much joy. It is clear how hard working Mark and Maya plus their merry crew work to make these events so special. It's a totally holistic approach with alot of thought into the way to create the most positive outcomes. It is not simply a business but a real mission of theirs to help others. I wouldn't hesitate in a heartbeat to recommend this truly brilliant healing centre to you. I do hope to come back to a place I can now call home. From my heart thank you so much. Peace and love to you all. X

Nature Temple retreats


These retreats are meant for people with good mental and physical health. It is not offered as a substitute for medical or psycho-therapeutic care. Psilocybin mushrooms cannot be taken in combination with antidepressive or anti-psychotic medication. People who suffer from heart failure and epilepsy should consult their doctor first. Also if you are on other types of medication or doctor treatments you should consult your doctor/therapist before signing up for this retreat. For your safety and the safety of others you always need to inform us about your medical or psychological treatments or complaints. As facilitators we have no medical education, when we doubt we will always send you to a professional doctor.

Make the most of your psilocybin mushroom experience

A good preparation and integration are of great value to the whole experience. It increases the possibility that your intention is fulfilled and long-term positive changes are made. We wrote seval blogs about how you can prepare and integrate these experiences. Especially if it is your first time or if you had a difficult experience in the past it is wise to read our tips. 

If you want to be sure you don't miss out on anything, if you have some personal questions or issues you want to speak about or if you feel a bit insecure/scared to jump into the unknown, a series of personal coaching can give you the right mindset and insight. People who book these 4 video-call sessions are well prepared before starting and supported afterwards. Our expert-facilitators plan 2 video-calls of 45 minutes before you come there and 2 calls after the retreat. 

Cancellation Policy 5 Day Mushroom Retreats 2023/24

Cancellation is only possible by email. From 2022 we will not handle a special covid cancellation policy and we will not hand out vouchers anymore. Please don't buy flight tickets before we've confirmed your reservation! Tickets are personal, you cannot give your ticket to someone else.

  • If you cancel within 10 days before the ceremony starts, a refund is not possible anymore. 

  • If you cancel within 21 days before the ceremony starts, we refund 50% of the total price.

  • If you cancel within 30 days before the ceremony starts, we refund 75% of the total price.

  • If you cancel within 30+ days before the ceremony starts, you pay 35 euro administration costs.

Rescheduling is optional on availability, this means that if there are still tickets available in other retreats that are listed on our website. Because most retreats are fully booked far in advance we cannot garantee that rescheduling is optional. 

You can only reschedule 1 time per ticket. Choose a new date within 1 month. The costs for rescheduling should be paid within 1 month as well, otherwise we consider it to be a cancellation after all. The new date cannot be further than 1 year in the future. 


  • Rescheduling your ticket for an extra payment of 25 €

  • Rescheduling your ticket within the last 10 days before the ceremony starts is not possible

If our organisation has no other option than cancelling the ceremony, we always refund 100% of your ticket.

We never refund or pay for your travel expenses or banking costs!


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