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Psychedelic Integration Circle

A journey with psychedelic plants already starts when you set your intention, and it’s not over the moment you land – to the contrary: this is only the start of an integration process that may take weeks, months or even a lifetime.

What is an integration circle?

An integration circle is an intimate sharing circle in which all participants are welcome to bring in experiences, questions, struggles and insights concerning the psychedelic experience. Together we co-create a safe space where we share about different integration strategies. Where we can tap into our collective wisdom to interpret the deeper lessons of our journeys. And learn how to make them a valuable part of our daily lives.

Psilocybin Retreat Centre


Online integration circle - open for everybody

Time: 19.30h-21.15h, digital room open from 19.15h

Language: English

May 8 2024

August 14 2024

November 6 2024

Online integration circle - especially for 5 day retreat groups

April 24 (april 5 day retreat participants)

May 22 (may 5 day retreat participants)

June 26 (june 5 day retreat participants)

August 26 (august 5 day retreat participants)

September 31 (september 5 day retreat participants)

October 23 (october 5 day retreat participants)

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