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Psilocybin Retreat Location

Retreat Location 

Nature Temple

The Nature Temple is a 140 m2 square work of art, organically built with thick trunks and curly branches, coloured glass and clay. 

It is a uniqye place and it is especially built for doing psilocybin ceremonies. The atmospheric place will surely contribute to the whole experience. 

The building of the Nature Temple started in 2012. Mark and Maya are the main builders, but over the years about 250 volunteers have contributed to this amazing artwork. 

The Temple has an outside ring where people can lay down during the ceremonies and an inside circle around the fireplace. 


Our sanitary includes a warm water shower, 3 toilets and a washing area.


These facilities are off grid, this means we are not connected to regular systems for water, gas, sewage and electricity. We make use of compost toilets, rainwater shower and solar panels. Our facilities are fairly easy to use but we do need everybody's mindfulness to keep these systems functioning well. 

Indoor camping

Here you can leave all your personal belongings behind and withdraw after the ceremony.

The tents are 2.5x2.5x2.5m with a bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, carpet and a night light. A 100% mosquito-free and clean sleeping area.

Visually you are closed from other particiants, you have a private spot. Off course that's not the case in terms of sound. So if you know you are a notorious snorer, you might want to reconsider if this retreat is most suitable. And also if you are a very sensitive sleeper, be aware of the challange this may be. For most people earplugs are sufficient. 

Geodesic dome

The 7 diameter geodesic dome-shaped vault at the green roof functions as a galactic clock through which you can watch the celestial constellations at night or see the trees moving in the wind during daytime.

The play of light that is created on the floor surface because the sun shines through the colored surfaces is just fantastic! 

The Nature Temple is vertically oriented. This design ensures that the focus is not horizontal like in most buildings but our attention in drawn to the light.

Here we see the rainbow colours coming back again, reminding us that there is a treasure nearby..