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The Earth Awareness foundation

Raising consciousness

Centre for art, nature and consciousness

The Earth Awareness foundation was founded in 2006 with the aim of generating awareness that everything is interconnected. We are one. One with our fellow humans, one with the animals, the plants, the stones and the star system. Since that time we have been organizing countless events to support this goal. So we are a foundation, not a company.  The for building the Nature Temple where mushroom retreats and countless other events are organized, is not primarily to make money, but to generate awareness. This approach continues throughout our entire organization. Together with professional, independent entrepreneurs we are co-creating wonderful retreats for you!

Over the years, many hundreds of volunteers have helped build this unique place, simply because they wanted to support the foundational principles of the foundation, because they felt it is important that such places exist and the wisdom is spread.

With the groundbreaking work done here, outside support still remains important. Now that the construction of the Nature Temple has been completed and the physical work is done, you can contribute in other ways to what the Earth Awareness Foundation stands for. 

  • Make a financial contribution

  • Write a testimonial

One-third of each retreat ticket is directly going to the foundation and its spent on its objectives. To secure the future of the Nature Temple, the foundation is saving to purchase the location. On a yearly base a significant portion the foundation's income is also used for this piggy bank. Participating in a retreat is in fact already a great contribution!

The foundation also collect reviews from people who have been to the Nature Temple for any kind of reason. Not necessarily because we want more visitors - after all, we are always fully booked well in advance - but because we want to create a public document where society as a whole can see how many people care about the Nature Temple. The controversial building and work we do here are still sometimes met with unjustified prejudices and stigmas. If you have visited the Nature Temple and care about this place and want to support it, you can easily do so by leaving a review on one of our channels. If severe weather ever comes, we as directors of the Earth Awareness foundation can show that there are many people who endorse the importance of this place. 

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