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You want to book a retreat at the Nature Temple and you can use a bit of help finding a good accommodation in the area to extend your stay. There is a lot of accommodation choice. Especially when you are not familiar with the Netherlands it can be complicated to figure out which place to choose. With this blog we aim to help you finding a suitable place to stay. p

Scroll below to see other usefull travel tips if you are going to visit the Nature Temple.

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Why renting a b&b before coming to a private psilocybin ceremony?

This blog is handy for people who signed up for a private psilocybin ceremony in the Nature Temple. This can eighter be a daytime ceremony or a ceremony where your overnight stay is included, but you still want to extend your stay with a day (or two).

Extend your stay when joining a retreat in the Nature Temple

It is always highly recommended to extend your stay when you’ve booked a private ceremony. You never know on forehand what you can expect, so to take some extra time before you make your trip back home can help you relax, integrate and feel more ready for the next chapter. Also arriving earlier helps avoid jetlag’s or tiredness due to a long drive. Starting a private ceremony while your mind is still foggy from the journey is not really easy. You want to feel well rested, in tune and ready for whatever the mushrooms show you.


Daytime ceremony in the Nature Temple

When you’ve booked a daytime ceremony we start already in the morning. If you come from far it is way more easy to be in the neighbourhood already, this saves you a lot of hassle in the early morning. Your daytime ceremony ends late in the afternoon, so it’s helpful to find a place to rest close by. We do not offer the possibility to extend your stay at our location, that’s why this article can give you some inspiration. When your ceremony has ended, it’s not allowed to drive. Even if you feel you’ve ‘landed’, it’s not save to drive your car. You first need to sleep and the substance need to be fully out of your system.


Accommodations in Apeldoorn with a an easy connection to the Nature Temple

There are a few aspects that we’ve taken in consideration in choosing hotel/b&b’s:

-      We focus on Apeldoorn city. This is because:

  1. This is where the train brings you if you come from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol)

  2. Apeldoorn has a good bus connection to our place (the bus stops right in front of our terrain)

  3. Apeldoorn is the closest big city

  4. Also if you travel with your car, the highways A1 and the A50 pass Apeldoorn city

  5. Apeldoorn is very close to the biggest National Parc of the Netherlands (Veluwe)

We focus on hotel/b&b’s close to Apeldoorn train & bus station, for the logical reason that most people take the bus from Apeldoorn to the Nature Temple in Teuge. This bus drive from the station to the Nature Temple takes about 20 minutes. We share hotel/b&b options in different price ranges. Prices can vary depending on the time of the year you book the accommodation of course. We wrote this article in the high season (July 2023), which means in most cases you pay most. If you check the place yourself, you might find a lower price.


Budget rooms – extend your stay before/after a retreat in the Nature temple


For only 25,65€ per night you can rent a room at the Fletcher Hotel in Apeldoorn. Nearby the city centre and the forest! The hotel also has a restaurant, fitness, sauna, café and free parking. This is a super deal, it won't be easy to find anything cheaper.


Other price ranges – extend your stay before/after a retreat in the Nature Temple

For 70€ per night we’ve spotted a neat guest-stay in the centre of Apeldoorn (a bit further walking than the place above here). The guestroom has a lot of light insight and feels very welcoming.

Modern place with bathroom, kitchen, all on the first floor of the owner’s house (her name is Marja and we found her on Airbnb).

The place can have 2 people and is provided with all you need for a pleasant stay.




There is a b&b in the Art Nouveau style where the architectural-historical value has been well preserved. Villa Sonnevanck is a cosy and hospitable b&b a few minutes walking away from the train/bus station. They have 3 beautiful rooms (price 122-132€, breakfast included,…note: don’t eat breakfast on the morning before you join the daytime ceremony!!). More information: 


Special place, great to stay a few days longer before or after your retreat in the Nature Temple

Trip Advisors best choice of 2023: Zenzez boutique hotel, stay the night in a Jugendstil villa. Very good choice if you want to hang into (or get ready for) the retreat vibe..

There are 10 rooms available in the price range of 100-165€ per night, all very luxurious.

The place has an sunny and private garden to chill out and a lounge inside. They provide arrangements with local wellness retreats.



Traval tips when visiting the Nature Temple

We only offer a pick up service combined with a 5 day retreat or with a private extended ceremony. If you travel by public transport we can pick you up at the nearest train station: Twello. We will confirm the pick-up time by email when your booking is final. Make sure you are there on time.

From Amsterdam/Schiphol airport there is a direct train to Apeldoorn Central station which takes about 1 hour to get there. In Apeldoorn you take the train to Twello, this ride is about 10 minutes. Twello is a very small train station, so it's not possible to be overlooked. We meet you at the bird statue.

This website provides all public transport details and can be seen in the English language too:

In general public transport is well aranged in the Netherlands, it will not be difficult to find your way. Also asking other travellers or station staff is easy, everybody speaks English in the Netherlands.

In some cases we can arrange an airport pick up for you as well. Of course there will be extra costs. Email us to ask for this option:

With this information we hope to have make it easier for you to book a retreat in the Nature Temple. Know that for further questions we are always happy to assist you where ever we can. On our website you can also check the FAQ for much more usefull information.


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