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Micro dosing Psilobyin | Supporting Inner Transformations | Dr. P. Kartikeya Das

Updated: Jun 1

In the psychedelic renaissance we’re in todaythere seems to be a new trend amongst people from all walks of life. The thing is called micro dosing, which means to take low doses of a psychedelic in everyday settings over a long period of time. In this blog more about micro dosing psilocybin, magic truffles.


Micro dosing, is it new or anchient?

Is it really a new thing to do or has it been a well-known practice? Perhaps inspired by ancient cultures all over the world? And what are different reasons to do it? First of all micro dosing of psychedelics has indeed been practiced for a long time already, mainly by witches, shamans and different kinds of plant healers. During a ‘diëta’ these people connect with specific type of plants for an extended period of time to really get to know the spirit of the particular plant they’re working with. This does not need to be a plant with psychedelic properties for that matter. Taking a plant over a period of time gives you more time to build a relationship with a plant, mostly on a more subtle level. In case of psychedelics the big advantage (and purpose) is the ability to do so whilst maintaining your daily routines. This gives a totally different dimension to the whole experience. Nowadays however micro dosing became especially popular amongst 20/30-ers. A good example is Silicon Vally, where apparently most IT-developers are micro dosing with acid for more creativity in their workflow.

The optimal dosage - finding your 'sweet spot'

As said, the idea is to take a sub-perceptual dose of for example mushrooms, truffles. Usually we’re talking 1 tenth of a macro-dose, fit for a proper plant-journey, but this can vary from person to person. Sensitivity may vary and the advice is to seek your optimal dose. The goal is not to experience altered states of consciousness with hallucinations and heavy bodily effects etc., but rather to feel super normal. This means: having enough energy, an uplifted mood and that you are able to anticipate to daily struggles with ease and grace. This last phenomenon is also known as a ‘flow-state’, achieved by just the right dose, also called the ‘sweet spot’ by micro-dosers. It needs a little bit of fine-tuning of the amount and getting to know the medicine as well as your system, since it depends on bodyweight, metabolism and overall sensitivity.

dosing psilocybin

Why micro dosing psilocybin?

For what reason would one want to try micro dosing? For example when people already feel an urge to work with a particular medicine but don’t quite yet dare to undergo a full-on macro dose in whatever setting, they might feel inclined to try to micro dose first. It can feel as a first introduction to the plant spirit. A more general reason to work with plant medicine can be a wish for spiritual growth by opening the user up to different levels of consciousness. Also can the plant medicine serve as a direct mirror, showing you parts that you weren’t aware of before, allowing you to transform it.

Another reason can be to want to overcome depression or anxiety or sleep better with the support of micro dosing. In case you are under treathment it’s best to keep a good connection with one’s psychiatrist or at least verify him or her about your plans. If you feel your doctor isn’t knowledgeable in this particular field, don’t blame him or her. Nowadays medicine studies don’t pay attention to psychedelic therapy (just yet). Although, a whole generation of aware doctors is coming up.

Dr. Aquarius - Holistic healthcare

If you don’t want to wait for you shrink’s spiritual awakening and you feel you need proper guidance for your micro dose journey sooner than later, you are welcome in my practice, Dr. Aquarius. With lots of experience with psychedelics as well as regular medicines I am more than happy to walk next to you on the path of holistic health. I am a facilitator in the group ceremonies at Earth Awareness and I offer extra guidance and advice for people who have medical questions or issues before they can attend a retreat in the Nature Temple.

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