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The rise of the psychedelic ceremony - Magic Mushroom Ceremony

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

It started fifteen to twenty years ago, shamans and spiritual leaders of indigenous traditions regularly traveled to Europe to share their 'plant medicine' and knowledge of life. The degenerate way of life in the West created a vacuum for real contact. Contact with yourself and with each other, but also with the plants and animals and the entire universe. The shamans brought the ceremony back into our existence and inspired us with their simple way of life. Their ancient experience of using plant medicines (psilocybin, ayahuasca, peyote, etc.) for inner growth and healing was accompanied by a vast knowledge of how to use these mind-altering substances safely and effectively.

Shamanic ceremony - plant medicine ceremony

The succes story of psychedelic ceremonies in Europe

It became extremely popular here in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe. Shamans from the rainforest, from Mexico, North America, Africa, Australia and Nepal became family. And we Westerners got wildly excited and rediscovered the value of psychedelics and ceremony. Many also went around the world to visit the medicine men and women in their own habitat, slowly a whole psychedelic industry arose around it. The well-known magazines started writing articles about psychedelic ceremonies, which got even more people interested. Platforms arose where you could book psychedelic retreats and chat groups where experiences were exchanged.

Psychedelic research

So many people shared their success stories with each other and in the media, science became (again) interested in psychedelics. All over the world, openings were given to resume scientific research that had been halted for 20 years. The first results appeared very positive, but were mainly related to the elimination of depression, cluster headache or fear of death in terminal patients. In the meantime, we are already a few years further and dozens of other studies have been done, the results are still very positive and hopeful. You improve your relationships and self-care with it, become more creative and you may also find your life purpose, the scientists conclude. That's not nothing.

Psilocybin Cermony - Magic mushroom ceremony

The psychedelic revolution has began

The internet is now full of documentaries and podcasts. Numerous books have been written in recent years. Psychedelic retreat centers are being created, training courses to guide people with the help of psychedelics and, last but not least, psilocybin (the active ingredient of magic mushrooms) has also been listed on the stock exchange for a few years! The business community/big pharma is now also seeing the unprecedented possibilities of psychedelic substances. It's booming! Because of all this attention we can now safely speak of a psychedelic revolution. With all the pros and cons that that will entail.

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