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The myth about the bad trip

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

When considering to take magic mushrooms or any other psychedelic, many people fear the possibility of experiencing a bad trip. But what is a bad trip anyway? And why do we in the Nature Temple prefer to talk about a ‘challenging trip’ instead?

The Myth about a bad trip

A challenging trip isn’t necessarily a bad trip

You expected to feel connection, love and ecstasy, but instead the mushroom journey brings up a lot of struggle, resistance, anxiety, sadness or confusion. Is this considered a bad trip? Not necessarily. We know from many experiences – both of our own and the many participant stories we’ve heard – that those kind of trips often contain far-reaching possibilities for healing. Often experiences during which you feel like you completely lost solid ground, can set in motion the most profound breakthroughs. We don’t think that’s a bad thing. So, that’s why we prefer to talk about challenging trips instead.

What is a bad trip?

So, it’s actually quite common to experience a whirlwind of emotions during a mushroom journey. Usually some kind of resolution or catharsis follows: already during the trip or in the days and weeks afterwards. However, in some rare occasions the feeling of being completely lost and confused doesn’t leave the traveller after landing. If so, this can negatively influence his or her personal life. In this case we might rightfully talk about a ‘bad trip’.

Why a good setting is essential to prevent a bad trip?

Luckily there are many things we can do to prevent such a ‘real’ bad trip. This is actually the main reason why one shouldn’t embark on a psychedelic journey without guidance - especially when it’s your first time. The possibility of getting lost clearly shows us why it is so important that psychedelic experiences are well embedded. And this has everything to do with providing the right set and setting for them to occur.

In the mushroom ceremonies and retreats at the Nature Temple we provide a safe container for your journey: with a clear opening ánd a clear ending. As a team we always take a close look on all participants and assist them in grounding whenever needed. The sharing and integration circles also contribute to understanding your experiences and in giving them a proper place in your daily live. In this way what seemed like a bad trip becomes a chance to grow.

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