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Group ceremony or private psilocybin retreat?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Why would you join a guided psilocybin retreat if you could also experiment with mushrooms on your own? And if you choose for the guided option: what are the differences between a private psilocybin ceremony and a group retreat?

Nature Temple - psilocybin retreat centre

Why would you join a guided psilocybin retreat?

Why would you take all the effort – and spend all that money – to join a guided psilocybin retreat if you could also take mushrooms on your own, or together with friends?

Well, first of all because of the amazing setting of the Nature Temple. Most psychonauts know that set and setting have a crucial impact on your journey. The fairy-tale like Nature Temple is especially built for these kind of consciousness expanding experiences. We provide a safe and warm environment and take care of all the practical stuff, so you can dive into your experience carefree and as deep as you like.

In a guided ceremony – whether it is a group retreat or a private ceremony – we also take special care of the ‘set’ or the intention with which you make the journey. You always receive an intake and during the retreat we set our intentions together. Afterwards we appropriately close the ceremony and for those who like, there is the possibility to join further integration sessions.

A psilocybin journey can be very profound and healing, but sometimes also quite intense or even confusing. Our experienced guides know exactly what you are going through and are there to assist you throughout the process, always tuning in to your specific needs.

Should I join a group retreat or private psilocybin ceremony?

Both group ceremonies and private sessions have their advantages. The question is: what suits your purpose most? In a group retreat we travel and build the energy together, which can be a very powerful experience. Group ceremonies often are great celebrations in which we make beautiful music, share our joys and sorrows with each other and make lasting heart-to-heart connections. If you are looking for like-minded people that are on a similar journey, a group ceremony is definitely for you. Not seldom subtle interactions carry deep lessons which we all take back to our daily lives.

A private psilocybin retreat on the other hand, is more suitable for you if you really want to travel deep within yourself and are afraid of too much distraction. Especially if the intention for your journey is more therapeutical, or when you expect you need a lot of personal guidance, a private session will probably suit you better.

Whether you choose a private psilocybin ceremony or prefer a psilocybin group retreat: we are most honoured to welcome you!

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